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ECOFLAM burners are designed for burning natural and liquefied gas, diesel fuel. They are used to equip boilers, heat generators, dryers and other technological installations. They are characterized by low level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, easy assembly and reliable operation. The burners are automated. ECOFLAM burners guarantee high efficiency and reliability, reduce installation time, and provide ease of use. The range includes single-stage, two-stage and modulating burners. The advantages of our burners are well known in the market: Reliability. Work at low gas pressure (relevant for many regions). Easy installation and service. 20% margin of safety (according to independent studies) Long service life (with regular service) - more than 15 years. Controllability. "Set it up once - it works without failures. "A multi-block (gas train) is supplied with the gas burner. General characteristics and advantages of ECOFLAM burners for service technicians: the ability to collect configuration for specific fuel characteristics and applications Possibility to set electronic control for specific values ​​of output power. This will ensure compliance with the specified operating conditions as part of an industrial plant or boiler.
 The burner includes:  
  1. fuel flow control 
  2. valve safety 
  3. valve fuel pressure 
  4. filter minimum fuel 
  5. pressure switch
Technical solutions for all applications:
  1. Heating
  2. Burning of garbage and waste
  3. Asphalt-concrete production
  4. Textile, glassblowing, and ceramic production
  5. Food processing industry
  6. Petrochemical industry
  7. Modernization of old production facilities
  8. Woodworking industry
  9. Metallurgy
  10. Agriculture​​​​​​
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