1. ST КZ Certificate
  2. Production according to GOST and European Regulations 
  3. Perpetual Manufacturing License
  4. Reliable and simple design
  5. Compact, can be installed in small rooms
  6. Convenient remote control, intuitive commands
  7. High heating capacity and efficiency
  8. Safe isolated combustion chamber
  9. Overheating and defrost protection
  10. Self-locking fuel valve
  11. Versatility in the use of fuel: gas, liquid, fuel oil, waste oil
  12. Economical fuel consumption
  13. Minimum emission of harmful substances into the environment
  14. Can work with blowing burners from different manufacturers
  15. There are counter flanges ready for installation on the flange connections on the supply and return pipes of the coolant
  16. Easy servicing
  17. Extended service life
  18. Incoming inspection of the materials used
  19. Warranty, service from the manufacturer
Scope of Application
  1. Public buildings (kindergartens, schools, hospitals, CPS, business centers, theaters, clubs, restaurants, cafes, car washes, stores)
  2. Industry (consumer goods industry, food industry, medical industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, mechanical engineering and metalworking, woodworking)
  3. Private Housing Construction (IZhS)
  4. Sports and recreation complexes (swimming pools, water parks, hunting farms, recreation areas, sanatoriums, camps, sports clubs)
  5. Agriculture (livestock, forestry)
​​​​​​​The BSW series boiler is a floor-standing two-pass heating boiler (with an efficiency above 92%) of a horizontal design with a centrally located cylindrical combustion chamber (first pass) and flame pipes (second pass) horizontally located around the boiler furnace. The heating surfaces are symmetrical about the central longitudinal axis of the boiler.
Burners can be used as conventional (natural and liquefied gas, diesel fuel), binary (both gas and diesel) and complex fuels (fuel oil, waste oil).
Boiler power - from 120 kW to 3500 kW. Heated area from one piece of equipment - up to 35,000 sq.m. (boiler model BSW-3500) The service life of the equipment is 15 years. Warranty - 12 months. Products are certified. EAC. Industrial safety certificate. ST-KZ   BSW boilers are made of high quality steel. The boiler jacket walls are 6 mm thick. The boiler furnace is rolled and welded from 8 mm thick steel. Boilers of high power (from 1400 kW and above) are constructed from steel 8 mm and 10 mm, respectively. The torospheric bottoms, which receive the main heat load, underwent additional annealing. All surfaces to be welded in the places of welding have a “fold”, the holes for the flame tubes in the tube plate are countersinked.
​​​​​​Each boiler undergoes pressure testing (hydraulic pressure testing). By purchasing and using our products, you get the same technologies and solutions as from foreign analogues, only at a more affordable cost. In addition, you participate in the development of the economy of our country and support Kazakhstani commodity producers. LLP "Plant AGROTEX" produced the first hot water boilers in 1996. After 25 years of our practical experience, we can confidently speak about the long (15 years and more) service life of our BSW boilers. BSW boilers have an efficiency of over 92%. Boilers are economical and durable.The boilers proved to be excellent in difficult and critical operating conditions in various regions, including cities with severe climatic conditions. Service maintenance of BSW heating boilers is less expensive and more accessible to you than maintenance of imported boilers. The boilers are easy to operate. The design of the boiler complies with international standards. Service required - Once a year at least after the heating season: cleaning and revision of heating surfaces and smoke collector; testing, revision and cleaning of the burner. - Once every 3 years, dry cleaning of the internal heating surfaces from scale and flushing of the heating system as a whole is required.By following our service recommendations, you will forget where your boiler room is. Warmth and comfort are guaranteed.
ATTENTION! The duration and trouble-free service life of your heating system and, accordingly, your heating equipment (including the BSW boiler) is significantly affected by the quality of the water used in the heating system. Demand the installation of a chemical water treatment system, chemical water treatment!
​​​​​​​General information Boilers heating water-heating steel series BSW is the result of: - many years of experience in our own design and production of heating equipment, - use for the design of advanced technologies of world leading companies in the production of heating equipment. - implementation of the best mechanical engineering practices with the use of modern quality management methods in production (ISO, incoming material control and step-by-step control of each stage of production).
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