The overall dimensions and construction principle of the BMP provide for the possibility of their transportation by road and rail. The block-modular principle of building BMP provides the possibility of simple construction of boiler houses in a wide range of capacities.  Telemetry systems are installed in the BMP to distribute networks of mini-boiler houses controlled from a single dispatch center, commercial metering stations for electricity, gas, cold and hot water, and generated heat. BMP: equipped with boilers with atmospheric and blast burners. Full factory readiness, does not require the design phase and installation phase at the facility.
- 100% redundancy of pumps for the circulation of the coolant to the WH;
 - 100% redundancy of pumps for the circulation of the heat carrier for hot water supply; 
- for DHW heat exchangers - ensuring 50% of the load when servicing 1 of 2 tons / exchangers;
 - automatic shutdown of engines in case of loss of one of the phases; 
- automatic activation of standby pumps 
- automatic monitoring of the temperature of the heat carrier and hot water for hot water supply;
 - automatic shutdown of the gas supply when the concentration of methane and CO inside the boiler room increases Block-modular boiler rooms are manufactured with modern, high-quality and highly reliable equipment that ensures long-term and safe operation and ease of maintenance.
The complete set of the Block-modular boiler house can be changed at the request of the customer and is determined on the basis of the completed questionnaire. 
The main elements that may be part of the BMC:
  1.   Well-maintained block module; Boilers (including reserve ones);
  2.  Safety fittings (safety valves); Burners (gas and/or liquid fuel); 
  3. Fuel supply system, pump, fuel reserve tank (for liquid fuel modifications);
  4. Internal gas supply system (for gas modifications);
  5.  Autonomous gas pollution control system (for gas modifications);
  6.  Pumps: circulation, recirculation, make-up, boiler circuit;
  7. Expansion tanks; 
  8. The system of chem. water treatment; 
  9. Water storage tank;
  10.  Heat exchangers (for modifications with hot water supply);
  11.  Shut-off and control valves; BMK control cabinet;
  12.  Fire alarm;
  13.  Emergency lighting;
  14.  Gas ducts (including gate and explosion valves);
 Chimney The block-modular boiler room is a construction of blocks, each of which has a width of 2.4 m, a height of up to 3.5 m, a length of 6 to 12 m.
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